Who are We?

‘Cyclegeezer’ is the dream concept of a cycling-mad couple Joe and his wife Karen, who live in the Yorkshire Dales together with their 12-year-old daughter Anna. It’s a total family affair, as Joe and Karen run the day-to-day operations together.

What do we provide?

Present buying can be a struggle. This is where we come in as Cyclegeezer offers a range fun, functional and unique gifts for cyclists. The majority of the products are ‘upcycled’ from actual bike parts. Award-winning designs incorporate discarded cycle parts into eco-friendly gifts for the bike-lover and the non enthusiast alike. The gifts are sourced as to provide something for all occasions and all budgets.

What are we about?

If you are buying for a fisherman or a golfer, you will be well looked after with hobby orientated gifts and presents – so why shouldn’t the cyclist? Keen on the ethos of upcycling bicycle parts, we aim to offer unique gift solutions not previously available for bike lovers.

All recycled products are thoroughly cleaned before use, with every effort being made to bring out their very best, however due to the recycled nature of the parts, some slight imperfections may remain but this simply adds to the individuality of each gift. We love the whole process of recycling, reusing, and just holding on to what we’ve got!

So struggle no more when buying for a bicycle lover. We have that unique gift for all occasions:

We have the perfect bespoke gift!